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Admission Information

Applicants from Italian Studies at Notre Dame

If applying from Italian Studies at Notre Dame and wish to apply for credit, please contact the Irish & Rome Seminar Administrator directly at

Applicants from Irish Studies at Notre Dame

The Seminar is open to graduate students in Irish Studies, and cross-listed with the department of English. The Irish Seminar & Rome Seminar will be listed under Summer 2017, Rome, Italy Summer. You can register for the course through IRST 64099:01 CRN 2955 or ENGL 94513:01 CRN 2957.
Departmental approval is required — If applying from Irish Studies contact Beth Bland and, if applying from the department of English, contact: Karmen Duke prior to submitting an application form to the Seminar Administrator at the Keough Naughton Centre, Dublin.

We also require Notre Dame Graduate Students to notify the Institute of your interest in a letter by that date. In your letter of application to Beth Bland, you will need to indicate your specific interest in participating by showing previous work in Irish Studies courses in your time at Notre Dame. Also, if you are not already signed up, you will need to enroll in the Graduate Minor in Irish Studies. The information on that program, which involves coursework in the Irish language along with the 1 credit Pro Seminar, is below. Participation is limited to four summer seminars. To sign up for the minor see Beth Bland in 422 Flanner Hall.
If you have any questions, please contact Beth Bland or Professor Bríona Nic Dhiarmada, Director of Graduate Studies.

Program requirements

The Graduate Minor in Irish Studies is a six-course program that provides Notre Dame students with recognition on their degree for work with the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies. The Minor consists of two Irish language classes and two Irish Studies classes. Students will also take 2 semesters of the Irish Studies ProSeminar (IRST 63000:01), a one-credit-hour class based on the semester-long Irish Studies Seminar events ( The other courses will be drawn from current graduate class offerings in Irish subjects across various disciplines.
Graduate Minor in Irish Studies has one track.
Doctoral Student Track:

· 12 credit hours of Irish Studies graduate courses – six in the Irish Language and six credit hours in courses approved by the elected faculty Irish Studies Steering Committee.

· 2 semesters of participation in the 1 credit Irish Studies ProSem

· Evidence of substantial research in Irish Studies area (such as a published article, a conference paper, or a dissertation chapter).

Students can have their language course requirements waived with a letter indicating their competence in the Irish Language from a faculty fellow and member of the Irish Language and Literature Department. In this case, the student would be required to take two additional Irish studies classes instead of the language courses. There are no examinations or teaching responsibilities for candidates the Graduate Minor in Irish Studies. The Graduate Minor in Irish Studies will have no impact on graduate students’ time to degree.
For further information contact Beth Bland.

Note: ND students are admitted as Participants to the Seminar and are not required to submit a writing sample.