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Conversations on Stories Conference 19/20 October

October 14, 2012Lisa Caulfield


The Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre, Dublin will host CONVERSATIONS ON STORIES. This interdisciplinary conference will re-evaluate the potential and pitfalls of storytelling in a rapidly changing world. Can storytelling thrive in the digital era? What stories should we, and shouldn’t we, tell our children? Do technology and science offer a reinvigoration of narrative or an elision? Is a rich oral inheritance a blessing or a curse to contemporary Irish culture? Are spirituality and belief in other possible worlds essential to storytelling or vestiges of an outmoded tradition? Please join us as we explore storytelling as a narrative activity in which we participate rather than as an object which we consume. Read More

Notre Dame and Ireland - THE BOOK. Edited by Kevin Whelan

October 04, 2012Elmear Clowry

Notre Dame and Ireland


Ideal present for your parents, grandparents and ND family everywhere…
Everything you ever wanted to know about ND’s Irish connections. Why are we called a French name when we are an Irish-American institution? What are the true origins of the term ‘Fighting Irish’? Were the roots of ND football really in rugby? Discover all about our various Dublin Programmes. Over 150 colour photographs, many of our wonderful alums, most by our own Eimear Clowry. Topics covered include O’Connell House, Martin Naughton, Don Keough, Éamon De Valera, Seamus Heaney, Seamus Deane, Campus Ministry, Captain Francis O’Neill, Declan Kiberd, Breandán Ó Buachalla, Irish language at ND, Teach Bhríde, the Folk Choir, TCD Read More