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Trip to Sligo by Maire-Kate McGlynn

October 12, 2015Laura Conlon

Trip to Sligo by Maire-Kate McGlynn

On September 12, at 7:45 am, I joined forty-nine other bright-eyed Notre Dame students on a bus in Dublin, headed toward the west coast city of Sligo. We had only been in Dublin for a week and were looking forward to spending a weekend with fellow Notre Dame students – some we knew well from campus and others we would get to know well during our semester abroad together. Read More

Relfection on Lourdes

October 01, 2015Laura Conlon

By Rikki Koebler, Geoff Burdell and Susanna Floyd

During our second week in Ireland, Teach Bhríde Dublin had the amazing opportunity to join the Dublin Diocese on its annual pilgrimage to Lourdes. A group consisting of about 2,000 members, from sick pilgrims to helpers to chaplains and beyond, the pilgrimage is an incredible display of faith, compassion, and love in action. Below, members of House of Brigid share some highlights and significant moments that occurred during their Lourdes’ experience: Read More

2015 Hurling Finals by Therese Cushing

October 01, 2015Laura Conlon

2015 Hurling Finals by Therese Cushing

On September 6th, the staff at O’Connell House took all of the Notre Dame-UCD students to the GAA Hurling All Ireland Senior Championship Final at Croke Park, an event we had been told was equivalent to the Super Bowl for Ireland. Most of us, myself included, were completely unfamiliar with hurling, so leading up to the match, I was looking forward to a fun afternoon with my friends in one of Dublin’s beautiful landmarks. It was indeed a fun afternoon, and Croke Park was magnificent, but our time at the Hurling Championship was also a unique cultural experience. Read More

Spotlight on an Intern: Claire Rembecki

July 09, 2015Laura Conlon

By Claire Rembecki

Describe your internship in one sentence:

Everyone should be jealous because it’s the best internship of them all. Wait no: It’s like telling stories with friends, except the stories are the most important happenings around the world, and my friends are caffeine and adrenaline-fuelled news junkies (read: rascals.) Read More

Dublin Summer Programme In The West

July 09, 2015Laura Conlon

By Owen Smith

The Dublin Summer Programme set out to the west coast on Sunday morning 28 June. With Ballyvaughan, in the Burren Co. Clare as the home base, the students and staff immersed themselves in a culture, landscape, and lifestyle much different than that of Dublin. Kevin Whelan, P.J. Matthews, and Leo McWilliams held their usual classes in Ballyvaughan, and the classes were complemented by daily field trips that allowed the students to experience the landscape, society, environment and culture of the west of Ireland. The balance between being in the dynamic city of Dublin and then being on the Atlantic coast allows the participants to have a fully rounded view of Ireland. Read More

Abbey Theatre Intern, Graham Pilotte, writes about Field Trip to The Abbey

June 23, 2015Laura Conlon

By Graham Pilotte

As the Abbey Theatre intern for this summer, sitting in the theatre was something I had grown used to. Seeing my friends from all over the city filling the red seats of the Abbey mainstage audience, though, was surreal. Many of these interns and summer program attendees had theatre experience; many others had none. But very few of us had ever seen “Shadow of a Gunman,” a classic Irish play and part of a three-part series by Sean O’Casey. The play explores universal themes of truth and honor through the Irish War of Independence. Watching the show in a group made for a truly unique experience, and one that was still sparking conversation days later. Read More

Reflective Weekend in Longford by Emily Fortner

June 22, 2015Laura Conlon

By Emily Fortner

The farther the bus pulls away from the city, the quicker glimpses of green flash past my window. The mood on the bus is tranquil, with tired yawns breaking out from behind covered mouths. No one is very certain as to what this day will bring, what memories will be made, or what adventures shared. Even though organized sports aren’t really my forte, I am excited to spend the day interacting with Irish children and learning more about the Longford community. Read More

Spotlight on an Intern: Bridget Galassini

June 22, 2015Laura Conlon

By Bridget Galassini

We caught up with Bridget, an intern at the Department of Foreign Affairs, and asked her a few questions about her experiences in Dublin thus far.

What does your internship entail?

Daily, I focus on the Reconciliation Fund, which includes doing projects or tasks that help fund organisations, mainly in Northern Ireland, that promote peacebuilding and anti-sectarianism there. I also am involved in Ireland 2016, which is a huge year-long commemoration project meant to reflect on Irish history, like the events of 1916, and on the various Irish traditions that shape the country today. Our section works on funding and coordinating events abroad for the commemoration. (One is the documentary, 1916 – The Irish Rebellion, that Notre Dame’s very own Keough-Naughton Institute is producing! It will be included in Ireland 2016 events in many cities!) Read More

2015 Naughton Fellowship Awardees Announced

May 08, 2015Eimear Clowry

Twenty-one winners of the Naughton Fellowships were announced today by the Graduate School. The research fellowships were awarded to undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. students from Notre Dame and from Ireland. This year’s winners from Notre Dame represent three Notre Dame Colleges and Schools, including Arts and Letters, Engineering, and Science. Read More

22nd Yeats' Winter School by Emily Dauer

April 29, 2015Laura Conlon

By Emily Dauer

One weekend in late, drizzly January myself and the other members of Declan Kiberd’s Modern Irish Writing class (along with Declan himself) packed into a charter bus and headed across the country to the deep west of Sligo, Ireland to participate in the 22nd Annual Yeats Winter School. Armed with our textbook for the weekend (a small yet comprehensive compilation of W. B. Yeats’ poetry), notebooks, writing utensils, and the youngest minds at the school, we stepped off the bus at the Sligo Park Hotel and were immediately embraced in a bright, slightly eccentric whirlwind of Yeats enthusiasts and scholars from all over Ireland (if not the world). The weekend consisted of readings by and discussions with notable poets Paula Meehan and Theo Dorgan, conversations with other members of the school over generous amounts of tea and other more loquacious liquids, trips into the sloping town and the windy sea/countryside, and master lectures from the keynote speaker of the event—our Declan Kiberd himself. His deeply-considered and provocative insights on Yeats’ life and poetry were met with some surprisingly heated questions, which he answered with the artistic balance of thorough knowledge and sharp wit—a quality particular to those scholars not only trained as critics in the sphere of academia but as professors seasoned in the intellectual trenches of undergraduate classrooms. Read More

Introduction to Hurling by Mitchell Patin

April 22, 2015Laura Conlon

By Mitchell Patin

On a cloudy St. Patrick’s Day Eve, the undergraduate students met on the UCD Sport pitches to learn the art of hurling from Wexford GAA stars Jack Guiney and Conor McDonald. After a short demonstration of the sport’s basic passes, the students spread across the field to try for themselves. As the Americans swung their hurley’s with all their might, it became clear that the objective should not be to pass the sliotar accurately but rather just make contact with it. Once everyone was thoroughly warn out from chasing down their partners’ sliotars, the students gathered around the goal to take their chance at a penalty shot. Although it took a few attempts, the students quickly adjusted to the lift and strike method required. In a surprisingly short span of time, shots we’re flying past the goalie and into the net. The training session ended with a contest to see who could smack the sliotar through the goalposts from the greatest distance. Read More

St. Patrick's Day by Casey O'Donnell

April 17, 2015Laura Conlon

By Casey O’Donnell

This St. Patrick’s Day, the students of the Dublin Program lit the town—and the Notre Dame Centre—a vibrant shade of green over three days of celebration. The build-up to the big day—a program mass in Newman Chapel, brunch with members of the Nanovic Institute, a hurling lesson from two county players, a distinguished guest lecturer, and the ‘greening’ of O’Connell House—was almost as fast-paced as St. Patrick’s Day itself. But nothing could quite match the spirit that fills Dublin every year on March 17. Read More

A Day In The (Croke) Park By Andrew Ledley

April 16, 2015Laura Conlon

When I first heard that our group was going to Croke park on St. Patrick’s Day to watch the All-Ireland Club Championships I was giddy, I could not keep my mind off the subject. I could not have thought of anything more fitting than to spend my St. Patrick’s Day watching Ireland’s native sports at the historic Croke Park. While I had had some exposure to both Hurling and Gaelic football before coming to Ireland, that afternoon I was completely awestruck. Not only did I get to experience these games first hand, but also I got to do so with people I am ever so grateful to call friends. Read More

Day Of Reflection In Glendalough by Sarah Calahan

April 16, 2015Laura Conlon

By Sarah Calahan

In March, the Dublin Programme campus ministry team led students from Dublin and beyond to Glendalough for a Lenten day of reflection. Notre Dame students studying throughout Europe were invited to join the retreat, and we welcomed a group of thirty-five participants from Dublin, London, and even Copenhagen. Read More

A Trip To God's Country by Gerard Ledley

April 16, 2015Laura Conlon

By Gerard Ledley

The first weekend in March, the Notre Dame Dublin Program had the good fortune of visiting County Kerry, in the west of Ireland. The trip took place over an extended weekend (Saturday the 7th through Monday the 9th) and it was filled with many memorable experiences, history lessons, bus rides, and one boating excursion. Read More

Reflection on Belfast by Jonathan Whitcomb

April 16, 2015Laura Conlon

By Jonathan Whitcomb

During our February trip to Northern Ireland, we spent an afternoon touring Belfast with Peter Maguire and Noel Large, both of whom lived in the city during the worst years of The Troubles. Of all the trips and activities included within our semester programme, this tour is in my opinion the most educational and most memorable. Listening to the stories told by Peter and Noel, you are reminded of the terrible violence which ravaged this island and haunts it still. You see that Ireland is not just a place of romance and beauty, but also a place of real human conflict and struggle. Read More

Naughton and Clark Fellowships for Research

February 02, 2015Eimear Clowry

January 30, 2015

TO: Sophomores and Juniors in the Colleges of Science and Engineering

I am writing this letter to tell you of a unique opportunity for overseas research this summer in Ireland. The ten-week program is called the Naughton and Clark Fellowships for Research, which are generously endowed by Martin and Carmel Naughton, and John and Fidelma Clark, all of whom are eager to provide a life experience in Ireland for Notre Dame students while immersed in frontier research carried out by distinguished faculty. Notre Dame students may apply for specific projects at either Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin or University College Cork. Descriptions of the various REU Read More