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Abbey Theatre Intern, Graham Pilotte, writes about Field Trip to The Abbey

June 23, 2015Laura Conlon

By Graham Pilotte

As the Abbey Theatre intern for this summer, sitting in the theatre was something I had grown used to. Seeing my friends from all over the city filling the red seats of the Abbey mainstage audience, though, was surreal. Many of these interns and summer program attendees had theatre experience; many others had none. But very few of us had ever seen “Shadow of a Gunman,” a classic Irish play and part of a three-part series by Sean O’Casey. The play explores universal themes of truth and honor through the Irish War of Independence. Watching the show in a group made for a truly unique experience, and one that was still sparking conversation days later. Read More

Reflective Weekend in Longford by Emily Fortner

June 22, 2015Laura Conlon

By Emily Fortner

The farther the bus pulls away from the city, the quicker glimpses of green flash past my window. The mood on the bus is tranquil, with tired yawns breaking out from behind covered mouths. No one is very certain as to what this day will bring, what memories will be made, or what adventures shared. Even though organized sports aren’t really my forte, I am excited to spend the day interacting with Irish children and learning more about the Longford community. Read More

Spotlight on an Intern: Bridget Galassini

June 22, 2015Laura Conlon

By Bridget Galassini

We caught up with Bridget, an intern at the Department of Foreign Affairs, and asked her a few questions about her experiences in Dublin thus far.

What does your internship entail?

Daily, I focus on the Reconciliation Fund, which includes doing projects or tasks that help fund organisations, mainly in Northern Ireland, that promote peacebuilding and anti-sectarianism there. I also am involved in Ireland 2016, which is a huge year-long commemoration project meant to reflect on Irish history, like the events of 1916, and on the various Irish traditions that shape the country today. Our section works on funding and coordinating events abroad for the commemoration. (One is the documentary, 1916 – The Irish Rebellion, that Notre Dame’s very own Keough-Naughton Institute is producing! It will be included in Ireland 2016 events in many cities!) Read More