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Spotlight on an Intern: Claire Rembecki

July 09, 2015Laura Conlon

By Claire Rembecki

Describe your internship in one sentence:

Everyone should be jealous because it’s the best internship of them all. Wait no: It’s like telling stories with friends, except the stories are the most important happenings around the world, and my friends are caffeine and adrenaline-fuelled news junkies (read: rascals.) Read More

Dublin Summer Programme In The West

July 09, 2015Laura Conlon

By Owen Smith

The Dublin Summer Programme set out to the west coast on Sunday morning 28 June. With Ballyvaughan, in the Burren Co. Clare as the home base, the students and staff immersed themselves in a culture, landscape, and lifestyle much different than that of Dublin. Kevin Whelan, P.J. Matthews, and Leo McWilliams held their usual classes in Ballyvaughan, and the classes were complemented by daily field trips that allowed the students to experience the landscape, society, environment and culture of the west of Ireland. The balance between being in the dynamic city of Dublin and then being on the Atlantic coast allows the participants to have a fully rounded view of Ireland. Read More