Introduction to Hurling by Mitchell Patin

April 22, 2015Laura Conlon

By Mitchell Patin

On a cloudy St. Patrick’s Day Eve, the undergraduate students met on the UCD Sport pitches to learn the art of hurling from Wexford GAA stars Jack Guiney and Conor McDonald. After a short demonstration of the sport’s basic passes, the students spread across the field to try for themselves. As the Americans swung their hurley’s with all their might, it became clear that the objective should not be to pass the sliotar accurately but rather just make contact with it. Once everyone was thoroughly warn out from chasing down their partners’ sliotars, the students gathered around the goal to take their chance at a penalty shot. Although it took a few attempts, the students quickly adjusted to the lift and strike method required. In a surprisingly short span of time, shots we’re flying past the goalie and into the net. The training session ended with a contest to see who could smack the sliotar through the goalposts from the greatest distance.