June 13, 2014Eimear Clowry

The ND/Navy game in Dublin in 2012 gave a massive adrenaline boost to ND’s profile in Ireland. It gave us unprecedented opportunities to place our students in prestigious internships. The time was ripe now to broaden the internship opportunities into the business/technology space, into research-intensive individual projects and issues concerning Catholicism, Education and Social Concerns – all pivotal areas of strength for ND. After the game, we made a concerted effort to boost the number of our Irish-based internships from six to fifty . With support from generous partners inside and outside the university, we reached 26 internships in Summer 2013 and in 2014 this has soared to 46 – by far our highest ever total. We are constantly reminded of the international power of the ND brand: no-one that we have approached in Ireland has said ‘No’ to us. We are proud that this year we have achieved what we set out to do- which is to create a full-spectrum engagement with Irish society, and to create opportunities for the most diverse possible range of ND students drawn from every major. Amazingly, we discovered that even though we created a great new slate of opportunities, we still turned away strong candidates – we had over two hundred applications to do internships in Ireland this summer. These internships are generating a whole new set of contacts and opportunities for ND, and we are delighted to be able to deepen the strong links between Ireland and the USA – with ND pivotally positioned at the heart of this enriching intersection.