Outreach and Engagement

One of the strengths of Notre Dame is its focus on an holistic educational system, and its dedication to producing well-rounded, life-deepened graduates, with a desire to put their gifts to the service of others, as opposed to young adults with a single recognized competency in one area of study. Study abroad can be a growth time in advancing a students’ perception of life outside of themselves, and here in the ND Dublin Centre we are committed to offering our participants every chance to expand their frame of intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional reference.

Service Projects

Each semester, students in the Dublin Programme are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of service projects throughout the city. These projects generally occur on a designated weekend and incorporate the efforts of Notre Dame students, staff, alumni, and friends. For example, one recent project involved the construction and painting of murals in the garden of a local homeless shelter. In addition to these individual days of service, students may volunteer in other activities around Dublin on a more sustained basis, such as coaching weekly basketball lessons at a nearby elementary school. Regardless of the form or the duration of the activity, these service projects afford visiting students the chance to assist and engage with the Irish community in a meaningful and enlightening way.